War is hell. The most grave sin against living things is to commit violence against a nation when there is no just cause, and - wait, Dino on Fire is a war game featuring dinosaur soldiers? And armed dragons? Lecture over. Get in line and grab a rifle.

Dino on Fire is a Clash of Clans clone with a scaly difference: Instead of commanding barbarians and the like, the player gets to push dinosaurs around. That's pretty cool. There's an additional, albeit small difference: Battle tactics depend more on commanding dinosaur heroes than directing smaller, faceless soldiers on where to attack.

Dino On Fire

Dino on Fire's premise is pretty simple. In a prehistoric world teeming with aggressive dinosaurs, one tribe is destined to claim everything. Cue endless fights for dominance.

Clash of Clans fans will feel right at home from moment one. The dinosaurs' home bases contain the usual mines and generators for digging up / producing in-game currency. There's the usual store-houses to stuff all the goods. Weapons and defenses need to be built up for when rival dinosaurs inevitably come knocking.

Dino On Fire

Fighting against other clans also works similarly to Clash of Clans' song and dance, though there is an emphasis on recruiting and directing the game's hero dinosaurs. Smaller soldiers can still be trained up in large numbers, but the real fun comes from directing the big guys and using their special attacks against foes. Dino on Fire has some unique and fun dinosaur designs, which makes combat that much more engaging.

Dino On Fire

Despite its tweaks, Dino on Fire is still ultimately a Clash of Clans clone. That's not a terrible thing by itself, but there's still tons of waiting around for tasks to finish, spending rare gems to hurry things up - the usual for the genre.

Anyone who's into combat / strategy games will appreciate going at it with dinosaurs. Everyone that's had their fill of the genre should move on: Not even prehistoric monsters supply enough innovation to offset Clash of Clans fatigue.